Rp. 600.000

Compressport R2v2 Calf Sleeves - Black

Compressport is ideal for all sports (Triathlon, Trail/Road Running, Road/Mountain Biking, Football, Gym). Compressport will be your partner of choice for all your training, racing, and recovery needs.

Intense Effort With COMPRESSPORT®
Compressport inceases efficient venous feedback from your feet to your heart, reducing the accumulation of toxins while inceasing oxygenation to the muscles. The R2 also greatly reduces impack shockwaves and muscle oscilation which helps prevent injury and reduces muscle fatigue. Compressport allows you to push your limits.

COMPRESSPORT® Reduces Muscle Fatigue 
Compressport after excercise continues to boost your venous feedback, this improves recovery time, so you can train more often. There is no need to machine wash your Compressport after each use. Hand wash in the shower and put them straight back on. Recover faster with Compressports.