Rp. 1.500.000

Rp. 1.900.000

Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bibshort - Black/Red

Castelli call this Body Paint because that's how it feels, a virtually seamless design that is so perfect its like your not wearing any shorts at all. Created from a single piece of engineered fabric everything from the leg grippers to the dimpled aero lower legs is a perfect seamless entity morphing from element to element. Perfection is hard to improve on after all. If you have never ridden in Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bibshorts you are missing out on World Tour levels of comfort and performance. Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away. The Castelli Body Paint short, a short so comfy it feels like you're not wearing shorts at all.


  • Body Paint engineered knit fabric integrates most components into a single piece of seamless fabric
  • Variable knit structure in Body Paint 2.0 for improved aerodynamics and moisture managment
  • Our most comfortable and aerodynamic short
  • Mesh back for breathability
  • NEW Improved Progetto X2 Air Seat Pad for improved X2 comfort and additional air flow
  • Sublimatation-printed leg endings
  • Weight 167g (Large)