Bont Riot Road Shoes - Black
Bont Riot Road Shoes - Black
Bont Riot Road Shoes - Black
Rp. 2.000.000

Bont Riot Road Shoes - Black

An unbelievable feature set for an entry-level shoe, the Bont Riot cycle road shoe is fully heat moldable and is packed with great anatomically minded technology to make it an incredible fit and give industry-leading power transfer.

Boasting unparalleled heat moldable design, all of Bont’s shoes feature a proprietary resin. It’s taken them 36 years of research, development and tweaks to create and perfect their resin to make an extremely stiff shoe that becomes pliable at relatively low temperatures. Where as many brands offering heat molding can only do so in certain areas, a Bont shoe is moldable across the entire chassis. With great anatomical design out of the box, the ability to fine tune your Bont shoe will give you an extremely customized fit for total comfort.

Medial Longitude Arch Support
Bont adds structural medial longitudinal arch support in all of their models to prevent over pronation. Bont believe over pronation is a big cause of knee injuries as the incorrect tracking of knees while in the riding position can cause rotation of the tibia and femur. This can also cause the pelvis to tilt, resulting in lower back strain. By adding extra support in this key area, they make shoes that allow you to perform longer, with less risk of injury.

Anatomical Foot Shape
Bont offers a unique foot shape on their shoes. Whereas nearly all cycling shoe companies make their footwear to a “dress shoe” shape which looks great, Bont believes this shape is too restrictive on the metatarsals. By crafting their shoes to allow more breathing room for your forefoot and toes, Bont aim to reduce “hot foot” and allow your foot to function in the most efficient and anatomically correct position. This technology allows your pedaling force to spread across a greater surface area, creating better impact and fantastic performance.

Anatomical Heel Cup
To increase stability during the pull through stage of pedaling, Bont have added an anatomically shaped heel cup. Without the need for over-tightening straps/laces or mechanical operation, you gain stabilization resulting in increased comfort and proper blood circulation.

Lateral Forefoot Support
To maintain a neutral position of the forefoot and prevent common issues that arise from over pronation and supination, Bont offers shoes with Lateral Forefoot Support. With a reduced risk of incorrect knee tracking and hip/lower back ache due to the correct positioning this enhancement encourages, you can ride for longer in confidence.


  • Fully customizable fit with heat moldable innersole and chassis with epoxy thermoset resin
  • Medial longitude arch support and lateral forefoot support reduces risk of knee injury
  • Anatomical foot shape to reduce metatarsal strain and increase power transfer
  • Anatomical heel cup for smarter support and total comfort
  • Microfiber upper with mesh inserts creates a strong outer layer and helps maintain breathability
  • Carbon composite construction for low weight – carbon is used in high stress areas, sandwiched between fiberglass layers for maximum strength
  • Z shaped strap and micro adjustable buckle help create a secure, custom fit
  • Highly ventilated with top mesh panels and side panel ventilation holes
  • Weight: 280g
  • Stack Heigh 4.8mm