Astute Moon Racing VT Saddle
Astute Moon Racing VT Saddle
Astute Moon Racing VT Saddle
Rp. 4.500.000

Astute Moon Racing VT Saddle

Emerged from the cooperation of Venetian craftsmen, specialized in design and construction of hand-made bike saddles, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Based on intensive analysis and studies in the lab and on the road, ASTUTE has developed a long series of international patents that set new standards for bikers in technology, performance, comfort and styling.
The result are for the first time completely new and smart saddles, which are made for professional cyclists and for those who really love biking.

ASTUTE saddles are:
  • 100% Italian
  • 100% Hand-made
  • 100% innovation that ensures continuous improvement
The ASTUTE Moon from ASTUTE's top saddle line is primarily aimed at bikers looking for performance with long-distance comfort. The optimal combination of saddle weight, efficient shock absorption and race-specific stiffness values is achieved by ASTUTE using 3K-Carbon and the patented Twin Shell Technology: instead of one, two saddle shells are now used, which are connected to each other by absorber cushions. The inner shell is made of carbon-reinforced nylon, the outer shell of nylon soft touch.
In addition, the S.P.A.S. = Shock Pad Absorber System between the carbon rails and the outer saddle shell provides exceptional damping values. This shock absorber functionality relieves the athlete of wasting energy for correction and holding work and leads to an energy saving of 5 - 8%, compared to conventional bike saddles.
Furthermore, the revolutionary Tri-Density upholstery system with multiple degrees of hardness across the different seating pressure ranges provides extra seating comfort: the pad at the saddle nose is unequalled soft and comfortable, where there is only little pressure to enable a comfortable sitting position in this area. The pad is equipped with a considerably harder foam in the back to provide optimum support for the much heavier strain in the area of the seat bones. A total of three different hardness zones ensure optimum adjustment of the saddle to the respective seat pressures. At the same time, the use of a completely new type of progressive memory foam ensures optimum cushion regression after loading, thus guaranteeing constant cushion geometry over the entire service life. This concept is rounded off by a special premium microfiber saddle pad: it is robust, yet soft; waterproof, breathable and washable. The Skylite VT has a flat shape and the addition VT means that it has a dam-relieving recess in the middle.