Rp. 2.000.000

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Arofly Cycling Power Meter

  • The worlds smallest POWER, CADENCE & SPEED METER, only 2cm in diameter & 10g in weight.
  • AROFLY is designed to be installed on the rear tire of a cycle, and works when both cycle tires are touching the road or surface at the same time, moved with pedal action by the cyclist.
  • Originating from aerospace technology, AROFLY is the result of years of research and cooperation between Aerospace Scientists & Sport's Biomechanics Professors, developing a patented air pressure differential technology based on the pitot tube design, from the F-117 combat aircraft.
  • AROFLY breaks the traditional mechanics of Power Meters.
  • AROFLY's advanced, patented "Dynamic Pressure Variation Principle" technology, accurately acquires overall cycling data of POWER, CADENCE & SPEED from the precision AROFLY sensor on the bike's REAR tire valve.
  • While pedaling on the bike, the bike tire is under pressure. AROFLY simultaneously senses tire pressure variation, measuring every peak and analyzes the data to assess Cadence, and from a built in G Sensor measures the tire's rotation for cycling Speed.
  • Based on accurate Cadence and Speed as parameters AROFLY's patented algorithms precisely calculates the riders "POWER".
  • Riding Route and Ascent are provided by GPS in the A PLUS METER. All cycling data is transmitted via Bluetooth from AROFLY to the paired A PLUS METER (or Smart Phone via our APP). This is the AROFLY Ultra Smart, Total Biking Meter Solution.
  • The relation of pedaling force to tire pressure spikes varies depending on tire size and construction, but our extensive tire testing database enables AROFLY to calibrate for an accurate reading of a rider’s power output. Random pressure changes caused by road irregularities are filtered out.
  • When measured pedaling force against a Kistler force plate, which is the most accurate advanced bio-mechanics force measurement solution, AROFLY is accurate plus or minus two percent, out performing all other costly power meters in smooth pavement conditions.​​
  • In addition to its air pressure sensors, AROFLY's internal accelerometers and gravity sensors allow it to generate bike cadence and speed determined by measuring time between pedaling pressure spikes and wheel rotation. The AROFLY APP pulls incline and GPS data off the rider’s phone, as well as reading low-energy Bluetooth data from a paired heart rate monitor to provide useful data needed for a complete ride review. Similar information can now be achieved using our A PLUS METER.​
  • AROFLY A PLUS METER launched Sept. 2017, and will offer all the above plus a GPS cycle meter. This will allow the cyclist to choose between using the APP on their smart phone or the meter, at a very affordable price.
  • With over 37 years of manufacturing, trading and sourcing experience, TBS Group Corp., has devoted 3 years of research and development to bring  AROFLY to the cycling market.
  • The company is dedicated to making AROFLY the most accurate, convenient, affordable, and fun for every cyclist.
  • AROFLY, the world's smallest and most affordable Power & Fitness meter, is capable of displaying & recording, Power, Cadence, Ascent, Distance, Speed, Time, Calories, Heart Rate (using the A PULSE Heart Rate Wristband), in real time via Bluetooth to the mobile app or its own meter. Includes data export to AROFLY CLOUD & Strava and compatible on, in-door rollers (conditions apply).
  • The new additions to the AROFLY family of products are the A PLUS METER and the A PULSE Heart Rate wrist band.
  • AROFLY is designed to be installed on the rear tire of a cycle, and works when both cycle tires are touching the road or surface at the same time, moved with pedal action by the cyclist. Allows for easy transfer and installation from bike to bike. Not recommended for those cycle tires using a sealant.
  • The AAA package, includes, a complete training system for every novice and intermediate cyclist to reach their optimal cycling potential at a very affordable price.
  • The AROFLY® mobile app turns your smartphone into a real time all in one bike meter. Tracking your Power, Speed. Cadence, Calories Burned, Distance, Ascent, Endurance & Strength.  As well as, assists in correcting cycling mistakes & movements, to enhance performance and prevent injuries.


  • Arofly adalah powermeter dan sekaligus cadence/speed meter terkecil dan teringan di dunia yang dipasang di valve ban belakang sepeda, hanya berdiameter 2cm dan berat 10 gram.
  • Unit sudah dilengkapi dengan gelang detak jantung dan unit pembaca power (Watt), putaran crank (RPM), kecepatan (km/hr), ketinggian (m), total jarak (km) yang terkoneksi via bluetooth, dan juga bisa terkoneksi dengan smartphone anda.