Rp. 5.000.000

Sidi Shot Air Katusha Limited Edition Road Shoes

Even in the 2019 season, the biggest champions in the pack choose Sidi shoes, which are also worn by all the riders on team Katusha Alpecin.

This will be the fourth year in the partnership between Sidi and what can be considered one of the most significant and well-equipped UCI World Teams. Team Katusha Alpecin has major ambitions for this season on all fronts, starting with the Grand Tours. They have men who can definitely vie to make it into the classification, especially Ilnur Zakarin, and guys who can win sprints like Marcel Kittel, who has already scored big in the beginning of 2019. But they are also aiming for the one-day classics with riders who can stand out in any situation such as Nathan Haas, Enrico Battaglin, Alex Dowsett, Rick Zabel and many more.

After enjoying considerable success in previous seasons, this year once again Sidi has decided to give fans a chance to get their hands on a model designed and developed with the same graphics as the shoes worn by the champions on team Katusha Alpecin.

As always, this limited edition will also feature special packaging. In fact, this model will be further enhanced by the box featuring appealing graphics in the distinctive Katusha Alpecin colours. However, that’s not all. Inside the box there will also be a handy shoe bag, customized with the team colours and printed with all the names of the riders on the 2019 roster, as well as a pair of socks like those used by the team. In other words, the Sidi Shot Air Katusha Limited Edition will be a veritable must-have for all cycling fans, enthusiasts and collectors. The Sidi Shot Air Katusha Limited Edition shoe will be available in the finest cycling shops starting in the month of April.

Tech Info

The Shot shoe is one of the top models in the 2019 Sidi road collection. This shoe stands out for its remarkable lightness and performance, but its strongest technological aspects include: 

The uppers are made in Techpro, a microfiber Made in Italy. It’s an eco-friendly leather developed with high tech innovation and the perfect material for technical sports products used for performing at the highest levels.

The closure uses a double Tecno-3 Push System, which is applied to a single base, so the shoe is easier to get on and off. The central mechanism creates a perfect balance of tension between the internal and external parts of the shoe. The symmetrical mechanism guarantees excellent closure that adapts to every instep. The monofilament buckle offers the added innovation of a button that can be pushed to lift the buckle and simplify adjustment.

The Adjustable Heel Retention Device system is the mechanism that protects the heel and reinforces the spoiler. It improves fit by closing the back part of the shoe more securely. The shoe fits the heel more snugly so it won’t slip off under the extended pressure required during extreme performance. 

The Vent Carbon sole guarantees better power transfer because it is both lightweight and stable. It also provides more comfort in higher temperatures, since it is designed with integrated ventilation and air channels that disperse heat.