Pedal Mafia Core Bibshort - Cycle Co
Pedal Mafia Core Bibshort - Cycle Co
Rp. 1.800.000

Pedal Mafia Core Bibshort - Cycle Co

  • BIB: Usage: ALL Rides » Distance: How longs a piece of string » Fabric:Pre Dye Black Lycra
  • Gripper:45mm Brace: Ventilated Mesh
  • CHAMOIS: Colour: Orange » Density: 120kg/m³ » Layers: 4 » Foam: TRS
  • Fabric: Microfibre B-Elastic » Patented Design
  • The Pedal Mafia Core Bib is perfect for any cyclist looking for a great all round high quality bib. Perfect for your next race, bunch ride or commute home.
  • Featuring breathable and stretchable fabric panels on each leg combined with fully ventilated brace panelling, this bib will outlive anything that is currently in your collection.
  • You'll love our High Density Ergonomic orange chamois that uses open cell foam allowing you to ride all day.