Rp. 45.000.000

Tyrell CXS Minivelo (Flat Bar/Shimano 105) - Setoshirube Ruby Red

The legendary minivelo from Japan, painted by Kadowaki.

Slant Design
A slender, beautiful and attractive design in a simple form that you will not get bored off.

From development to manufacturing, all done in the our own factory under strict details and control. The frame design has a common design code which is the “slant design” adopting the two narrow inclined pipes sandwiching the top tube. The silhouette of the impressive frame design not only lie in the design, but also on the unique minivelo framework that will contribute to increase the strength of the entire frame as well as the rigidity around the long head tube. It is a bike that stands out for its handling, and with its slim chromoly body, the CX is for the rider that wants a soft and comfortable ride.

REYNOLDS Chromoly Tubing
Reynold’s which is famous for producing high performance steel pipe tubing is the supplier for our main frame tubing. We use the Reynold’s 525 Chromoly Butted Tube which is from 6mm to 31.8mm in diameter to create the slim and sharper look.

Powder Coating Paint
Powder coating by Kadowaki Coating (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) creates a beautiful and durable paint finish.

Full Domestic Production
Everything from development to manufacturing is done domestically, under strict quality and accuracy control system. Each piece is done part by part by our craftsmen with emphasis on accuracy and detail to show our the commitment in producing the CX.
TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding at the joints of tubes and powder coating on the frame is like an art itself. This high quality bike can only be produced by hand, one piece at a time.

All the frames are produced at our own factory in Kagawa prefecture. A slim and beautiful silhouette that complements the rider, a simple design that you do not get bored off.
A smooth and high-quality ride produced from the steel frame surely puts a smile on your face on every ride.

Main Features:

  • Frames made under strict quality control and complete production at our factory
  • High grade, lightweight and seamless chromoly Reynolds 525 tubing
  • Beautiful slender tubes
  • Frame design fully compatible with latest drive train components
  • Full carbon monocoque fork for light and comfortable ride
  • Powder coating by Kadowaki Coating Company for the perfect paint finish and durability. Custom colours available on request.
  • Shimano 105 groupset 
  • High-performance AM3 wheels with sealed bearing hub
  • Low center of gravity and long wheel base for stable riding
  • A wide range of specifications are available, from handlebar type to drive train
  • Stolen recovery support

Comfortable and Supple Ride
Due to the low center of gravity and long wheel base, the CX thoroughly eliminates that wobbly reign feeling that is common among small wheel bicycles. In addition when the design is made using Chromoly, it further enhances the sense of stability and rigidity of the slant tubing and at the same time create a supple and comfortable ride. This bike for all riding style, be it in the city, scenic or back to nature route.

Light Weight Full Carbon Monocoque Fork
A lightweight full carbon monocoque fork which is excellent for vibration absorption is used for delivering a light and comfortable ride.

High Performance AM-3 Wheels
Lightweight, high-performance wheel with sealed bearing hub (AM-3) on the 20 inch 451 size delivers excellent rotation performance and unique riding experience.In addition, you can opt to upgrade to a higher grade wheels, the AM-9 Plus which churns out even better riding performance.


  • Frame: Reynolds # 525 Cromoly Double Butted Tube
  • Wheel: 20 inches (ETRTO 451)
  • Standard color: Kadowaki Powder coating
  • Fork: Carbon monocoque fork
  • Brake: Caliper brake
  • Shift: 9 speed ~ 2 x 11 speed (depending on model)
  • Frame weight: CX / 3, 100 g, 800 g * Weight including frame, fork, head parts, top cover
  • Completed weight: 9.0 kg (excluding pedals)
  • CX adaptation height of about 160 to 180 cm


  • Custom Specification. It is possible to select one of your favourite specifications from a wide range of choices according to budget and riding style. This includes handlebar type and and your preferred drive trains. 
  • Theft Recovery Support. Our theft recovery support will enable you to repurchase a new CX (only once) at a lower price if the theft occurs inside one year from the date of purchase.
  • Custom Colour Order. Frame colors can be painted in your favorite colors (charged option). You can choose the color of the decal too to make the CX truly personalised.