Tommasini Fire Gravel Bike
Tommasini Fire Gravel Bike
Tommasini Fire Gravel Bike
Rp. 88.000.000

Tommasini Fire Gravel Bike

The GRAVEL bike is the main news of the new Tommasini collection, a kind of bike that derives from the Cyclo-cross style but it is understood for a more flexible use such as an everyday ride, or a country road trail or even for many hours daily journey.

With the GRAVEL bike the philosophy of the Tommasini Factory is newly exalted. In fact, it is revalued the advantage to ride bicycles that have to be reliable, comfortable and stable.
In order to pursue this goal, the bicycle is built with the FIRE steel frame in more relaxing geometries compared to road racing ones. The chain-stays are longer and the seat tube is less vertical to grant comfort, handling and stability to the bike.

The GRAVEL world satisfies transversely different targets of riders, starting from who likes to rides the bike for many hours safely and with disc brakes to who wants to use it in the city centre bumpy or paved roads to reach work place. Furthermore, it is suitable to who wants to enjoy Sunday or holiday journeys on country-roads without carrying the weight of a MTB.

Consequently, the Tommasini Factory offers this bike concept in different ways, intent with more aggressive geometry for Cyclo-Cross, or with relaxed geometry for non-competitive use, as well as with disc brakes but also with caliper or canti-lever brakes, too
Finally, the kind of frame for the city equipped with rear rack to be able to carry bags to go to work.

The Fire frame  is tig welded with an exception only: the personalized seat lug. This along with the special bottom bracket shell, the original rear dropouts and the “bell shape” steat stays make the rear triangle properly stiff. The frame is built according to an exclusive geometry designed by Irio Tommasini. It is completely chromed, or as a second choice, all “cataforesi” treated, good for extremely thin tubings because it deeply protect them from rust. Maximum attention to detail: an example are the STI bosses (with adjusting screws included) brazed onto the head tube and the engraved enamelled head tube metal badge.

Personalized carbon fiber forks available. The 55 cm frame (painted) weight approx. 1.550 kg (3.417 lbs).

Built using Colombus Spirit steel tubing, the most advanced steel alloy for framebuilding in the Columbus catalogue thanks to the signature chemical composition this lightweight tube set simply has superior mechanical characteristics, combined with a superior resistance to environmental effects. The right choice to manufacture a modern and reliable top range frame. Ideal for TIG or fillet braze welding procedures.

Colombus Spirit Is the right choice to manufacture a modern and reliable top range frame.

Ideal for TIG or fillet brazed welding procedures.
Wall thickness reduced up to 0,38mm for an incomparable strength/weight ratio.
The full set is available with a 36 mm and 38mm headtube for 1-1/8″ steerers or with a tapered 56/46 mm headtube for modern 1-1/2″ carbon forks.

100% handmade in Italy.